Nutrition, dietetics

We have already mentioned the Holiness of the table, his exquisite cleanliness of the spoons and bowls, pots and makitra, clean tablecloths and towels. Bread — as a Shrine, as a talisman in the  corner in pure embroidered towel.
Concerning the naming of the first, second and third dishes, dominated by a very large diversity. The wide variation of regional dishes. Take a look at the page “Aeneid” Kotlyarevsky: “Here, eat different kinds of damage and all with glazed bowls themselves are beautiful seasoning of the new maple plate: pig’s head with horseradish and noodles for a change, then, with gravy Turkey, for a snack of porridge and mush, mush, teeth, Kvasha, and poppy honey “. “And cups drank slyv’yanka, honey, beer, Mead, kvas, vodka and simple Kal porch”. Consumed “sweet tooth, cakes, columns. Dumplings wheat white, friable with caviar loaves, garlic, Mace, nightshade, wood sorrel, salsify, sloe, hawthorn, strawberries, hard-boiled eggs with kvass “.
If you continue with the prose in the Ukrainian there are cakes, cheesecakes, Babka, pierogies, cabbage rolls, cabbage soup, jellied meat, jellied pork, fried fish in breadcrumbs, hare, rabbit, chickens, ducks in sour cream, goose baked with apples and potatoes, broth, doughnuts, gingerbread cake, jelly milk, variety jelly from the fruit. Bread, tortillas, pancakes with prunes. Belt, loaves, things like that. Birch juice with honey. Eggs, sour cream, butter, mint. Used it for the dough, which was baked bagels, cakes, pies and other bread products. Drinks: Mead, beer, kvass, vodka, casserole, Spotykach, cherry, some slivovitz. The author has completed over twenty-alcoholic health drinks in people’s memories, recipes or hints of the past that can be found in oral folk legends.
So, folk crafts, Ukrainian created tens, hundreds and thousands of different dishes, drinks, snacks. Everyday, festive and ritual. The wealth of culinary products draws attention to the high General culture of the Creator and the knowledge of General and food hygiene. Table, stove, rough, Misnik, pantries, cellar, offering food or ready meal, always according to popular tradition, good to keep clean. At the food store charms: horseradish, onion, garlic, celery, radish, and parsley. As we now know is a phytoncide plants and they are not “evil spirits hang out”. Because volatile and volatile oil have a negative effect on fungi, putrefactive germs, viruses, insects and extend the shelf life of potatoes, carrots, beets, meat products, fruits.
Meat, cheese, fish for winter salt. For summer storage, except salt and ice, use stinging nettle, tansy, the leaves of the black poplar, lemon balm, mint, thyme, oregano, summer savoury, Basil and the like.
Prevails in the Ukrainian food is cooked, conjugate, braised. Sufficient heat treatment to prevent food poisoning and intoxications. According to popular tradition of eating moderately. Overeating finds condemnation. food should be of good quality, fresh and delicious.