Ukrainian folk medicine has origins from the sources of antiquity and is rooted Tripoli and chernyahivska cultures. She stands frozen Canon, and develops along with society, time, era, full powered and absorbs the available means to achieve the General scientific and primarily medical knowledge.
It is guided by the eternal principles: problems of the person, its diseases, recognition of these diseases, find a comprehensive means for effective treatment and prevention of numerous ailments. Treatment is not generally (complaints, symptoms), and the individual, her moral world, specialties, preferences, calling habits, age and the like.
Ukrainian folk medicine, as, incidentally, and the Slavic world (and in this we notice a lot of similarities), such uses generally accepted, popular layers of knowledge and an Arsenal of medicines:
The first value give the word. Word treatment. People achieved a separate system of suggestion: lullabies, incantations given rituals. A cluster of plots with separate diseases. Conspiracies with ogbadu depressed optimistic General suggestion.
Use a huge Arsenal of medicinal and edible plants. This is one of the most popular folk remedy. Individual philosophy, charms, folk crafts, medicinal and magical art. It combines more than the original, rational and hereditary experience. We consider it although not in full, but details. After all, these funds, not the General story idea or direction, a specialization or a certain profile, which occurs in such large volumes,
treatment of respiratory tract diseases like inflammatory and specific,
treatment of infectious diseases, treatment of cancer,
the treatment of the soul (nervous and mental diseases),
treatment of purulent wounds,
treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system,
treatment of metabolic arthritis and diabetes. Low back pain, ankylosing spondylitis,
treatment of skin ailments
treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system
treatment of female infertility and estrogen
treatment of impotence,
treatment of poisoning by salts of heavy metals. Neutralization of toxins of Salmonella, Staphylococcus, tetanus. The treatment of poisoning with herbicides and pesticides. Binding and excretion of radionuclides,
nutrition, dietetics,
Patient care security. Folk philosophy of the protection regime.
The use of substances of animal origin.
The use of folk medicine means of mineral origin.
The use of folk medicine elements of iridology. The first step to iridology.
The use of manual therapy and massage.
Arsenal of folk medicine for millennia powerfully enriched the expressive possibilities and the magic of words, numbers, mascots. Some of them have irrational sources and that they we did not stay, since the latter is beyond our theme.
Traditional medicine refuses characteristia of witchcraft, in the modern – psychic and astrology.
Folk medicine as an exceptional layer of culture is of great historical and scientific value in the enrichment of their achievements in continuity of generations, as well as in the enrichment of scientific or conventional medicine: the interpenetration of ideas, theories, techniques the emergence of new views and discoveries of old forgotten drugs of plant origin. These two branches of the same science counterbalance and complement each other – the treatment and preservation of the health of the nation.
Scientific medicine has a huge Arsenal potential for considerable study and Supplement their herbal medicinal preparations from the depths of folk medicine, which uses about 7,000 plant names, official – about 300 plants. This is almost equal to (304) as described by Claudius Galen (130-200. N. C.).
Do still pay very close attention to this noticeable phenomenon of our time, as significant penetration in Ukrainian folk medicine, the tools, techniques, and achievements of world medicine: European, Chinese, Tibetan, Indian and the like.
Must not forget the country medicine tsarist Russia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and especially official medicine of the Soviet society has destroyed the traditional medicine, nullified its achievements, persecuted, and in Soviet times was destroyed morally and physically by its representatives, these ascetics. Accused folk wisdom in the archaism and backwardness, denied the right to exist and caused enormous damage to the prospects of development of science and the health of the people.
We pay attention to such a remarkable time factor, sowing and planting of medicinal plants in birch – no, April, we collect them (stems, leaves, flowers) in the summer, roots, rhizomes, fruits in September-October. And in November can take complex preparations. So for 5-6 months of the current year a fully finished cycle: from raw material to the drug. This is possible only with medicinal plants, it is important now important, given the economic situation of our state
and security of medical institutions medications. (On the synthesis, study, testing and bringing to serial production of chemotherapy spent 10-15 years or more).
It should be remembered – yet is alive and full-blooded Ukrainian people, its hereditary medicine will not leave the proscenium, and not the old, will not become anemic and unnecessary, because the new science is usually forgotten old.