Spring national recovery

There comes a time of historical repentance for the attitude to folk
medicine, its origins and values as applied (purely curative and preventive) and significant large-scale formation of the General culture and medical
science of the Ukrainian people. National recovery is too complex, daily and long-term work. Infernal colonial
the yoke, which was received by our earth for many centuries, unwavering Bolshevik dogmas and
socialist “merging of Nations” destroyed the Ukrainian culture,
nation, people, ethnicity, holding his huge spiritual powers in prisons without movement, made it impossible to stand out. These are the determinants which tended dark clouds over the slightest movement of body and soul hunted Ukrainian, converted to a crest, little Russian, “foreigner”, or in other words, powerless, dumb slave. Or, as
declared false in the world of propaganda— “free
citizen of the great country of the Soviets”.Criteria of national health and welfare not possible to mark a “cornucopia” of food
(which in Soviet reality, however, never was) number of cast iron, steel, coal per capita. The tragedy of our nation lies primarily in the fact that, sinking in the blood of a shaky Ukrainian statehood
1917-1920, the Bolsheviks were brought to life on our earth, anti-human, Jesuit Marx’s dogmas, which are so frankly and sincerely, with a truly prophetic science Yasnovidyashii warned and warned and I — Franco, which, as was written in the hypocritical “works”, was close to of Marxism, but did not understand it.
The Procrustean bed of Bolshevik ideology  marked a range of concepts and actions, breach of which was started a total physical and moral destruction of the intelligentsia, inheritance, thrift, art and artistic handicraft, ethnic group, a kind of national art, the millennial traditions of the people. Is it not significant fact when on the orders of the “leader of all peoples” was organized collected kobzari of Ukraine — rhapsodists of our land, and already, none came home again. Ancient ethnic culture was destroyed by screaming. This comprehensive national vision optics unlimited world suddenly turned stagnant short course of the CPSU(b). Dirty world that surrounded the man, with his rebirth encroachment on inherited property, out of jealousy, bribery, intrigues, slander, denunciations put national Lighting. The only unique holistic culture, its archives, its real creators and carriers were destroyed hours and days. And where here was to raise some, even a slight question of folk medicine, history and archaeology, when it touched the depths of a peculiar disposition, character, ethnicity, and, therefore, is “nationalism”. Reign “the world’s most advanced Soviet ideology and science with the decrees of the CPSU Central Committee “On improving medical care in the USSR”, which replicated almost — every 2-3 years, but objective statistical analysis of the health I had before just did not provide the cornerstone funding, except the hype in the media.Thus, the criteria of the national health it is impossible to determine a false prosperity, minerals, or products of heavy engineering per capita, number of beds and doctors per 10 thousand of population. The criteria of the national health lie in the harmonious combination of this prosperity and spiritual greatness of the nation that is born, lives, learns, works, Hereditary continues the work of his predecessors on their land, in their culture, language, high shared spirituality. Remember that only in our days have been synthesized by numerous groups of antibiotics and sulfa drugs for the treatment of a pathogenic group of intestinal infections of Salmonella, dysentery, paratyphoid A and b, typhoid. But in folk medicine
quite successfully (as proven by this official medicine) was applied
for millennia such reliable means against
Named illnesses, as the roots with rhizomes erect cinquefoil, Burnet and urban avens, oak galls or roots of geranium meadow. And here is befitting to recall that traditional medicine is too complex, the formation of science, culture and wisdom to comprehend
and full of intellectual and sensual understanding of its
entity, and even more to use numerous tools for Therapeutic and preventive purposes. Want
here to recall the information boom of dilettantism associated with the promotion and application of certain medicinal plants or herbal medicine in General. You can read about this
of the many newspaper reports, essays, articles,
of statements by individuals with undeniable and illusory
statements about the cure of cancer,
endarteritis, asthma, diseases of the kidneys, liver, spine
etc. just Want to warn Amateurs, pseudo-scientists and opportunists to the latest mod (for now, traditional medicine has become fashionable), traditional medicine — as
and the high purity of poetry as Symphony music Mozart,
Beethoven, Prokofiev, Shostakovich — like this complex the cornerstone that it can not be taken immediately without
training nor a graduate of a medical school or stressed
the erudite Professor of medicine. It requires huge
erudition, knowledge of the soul of the people, their customs, faith, hope,
love, the only common unique culture and wisdom.
Traditional medicine is a sea, a stormy ocean of information with a variety of threads that are philosophical,
artistic, pragmatic, applied, suggestive
concept. Information (note separately) requires focused
attention, highlighting the main cornerstone on which
started and based a solid Foundation of folk medicine. What are these foundations? First of all heterogeneity,
heterogeneity in great part characterize classic Ukrainian folk medicine. The heterogeneity of the philosophical (theoretical) and pragmatic criteria. Let’s call them a variety of therapeutic agents. And this is very essential, fundamental. Because the use of any such uniform methods, techniques, tools never gave robust effect to the completion of the treatment process. The phenomenon of Ukrainian folk medicine in its high scientific character, and hence the expediency, wisdom, and competence.
Sources national recovery good priblizhaetsya and stairs eras (if we consider ourselves a civilized nation!), straining his tremendous intellectual and spiritual strength. Carefully and rationally collecting as special mention, themes, words, fragments of … scales and octaves medical folklore. To reconstruct the polyphonic treasures, enter into a complex Symphony of criteria of public health. To achieve this, necessary to understand the relevant sections of archeology, history, ethnicity, General Ethnology, musicology, anthropology, law, history and achievements of ancient and modern medical science.