Conspiracies on a contemporary theme

Razbrosana spring,

What have you brought us?

– Zozulyne summer

To give birth to rye.

To children were born.

Our flowers are expensive …

We lived in happiness,

Didn’t know trouble.

Heal yourself with! Humane brotherly microclimate, healing herbs, mutual attention, respect, compassion and help. Don’t become callous, cold and indifferent to others ‘ hardship, unemployment, disease and lack of money.

Unite! One is a warrior. A lot of us. Let unites us to the Holy land, history, language, ancient customs, and ethnicity. Survive! Will survive !!! Our template DNA, based on Indo-European cornerstone of civilization forever! No graceful villain NOT to shake and not to violate the sacred orbit of our ancestral chromosomes, clotted catastrophe of the world and the Universe on the fourth reactor.

Let the proud and inherited the spirit of our numerous ascetics and martyrs gives us the true greatness and inexhaustible strength, confidence, and hope. To work! The coveted hour has come. “Don’t be afraid of the pre-dawn haze”

The earth is groaning from everlasting of blood, sweat, lies, evil, herbicides and pesticides.

She stood before the people on his knees, bowed her noble brow and demands (until late!) Every piece: brook, lake, rivers, seas and oceans, fields, forests and groves, to every trunk, bird and insect, pleading and begging for our daily attention, love, hellish work and mental health and anti bunkers.