З Conspiracies of the mother of the mother and baby

Found (rodilsa) the Sun is clear, the child is a welcome, long-awaited. Boy (girl) honey! Small, red body. Scream, my baby! Scream harder! Let straighten out your flattened lungs. Climb in them a full breath fresh air of life. This is your first touch to the new white light and the Universe, as you left the sacred womb of the mother.

Let the world wide for you to be extremely sincere, native, attentive and natural, like the womb of the mother, where are you, baby, started, grew and grew and was born on the wondrous world.

Let thy dear arm and a leg goes through, and know no rest. Let your clear sight catches the image of the mother:

No color more color

For the kaleen.

There’s kind of more cute,

As the mother of the child.

Let your keen ear for music listens to the lullaby that forms in your mind powerful solar strings with a big heart. Let the healing tears of maternal joy celebrating your little body down and order it from numerous ailments and evil fate.

Let the full breast of the mother does not know of mastitis and anemia, and poured a bounty of milk, this indispensable elixir of life, drugs and charms for the baby. Get some rest, the sun! After a while you touch the Persians mother and feel as the flow of beneficial life energy will begin to shape you as the man who came to the new world, which turns blue sky, smiling Sun, spilling octave happiness swallow, the butterfly flies, runs, and furcated the hedgehog and do you live the stories that you’re fun to listen to and you will not know rest, because the desire of beauty, knowledge and perfection is infinite. You. to rejoice, to laugh and to mourn. Growing up, our baby! Let the sunshine, clear skies, life-giving water of the harmony of the world shape your every muscle, every cell, arms, legs and head adorable, nervous system, every bone and flexible prebetic. Let the smiles of your face. Let your mother rest and regaining her strength. Let them quickly heal your pupik, smeared with a decoction of buds of black poplar. Let no one knows your skin, lungs and the ventricle, the liver and spleen are no ailments.



A sudden and unexpected. Let Menolly Basil, mint, oregano and thyme for its healing aromas banish disease-causing microbes from your skin, bronchi, lungs, nose and mouth.

Grow big, my best Sonia! Let you the fate of becoming a mother. You ever suffered uncontrolled slander and accusations of excessive patriotism. Was the Gulag Solovki prison. Stone and moral. To grow, gain strength and become a citizen of a free and prosperous land, the free state and unchained people, trampled the chains of centuries of slavery. Sleep, my honey, sleep.

Let him lead you life paths, trails and krutoyary native land to happiness and science. Science to live, work, love, parents, family, the earth blooming and our people. Goddess Of Woman In Labor! See the health of the mother. Give her strength and wisdom. Give her faith, hope and comfort to raise a child a great man. Well mother every cell and the line in the name of life, in the name of raising that child and her future offspring:

All my hope I

You, the mother, laying.

The Holy power of all the saints!

Immaculate, good.