The plots for the water

Vodice-well, my dear sister! You flow deep in the earth, that the eye you look, as well as streams and creeks, streams and wide rivers. You pour lakes, wells and springs. As you always rages at source, so always live for the body and soul of man, animals, insect and plant. Wet and thirsty land. Osibisa at her in the pouring rain, without gradaute, tornadoes, and windbreaks. Be like a gentle woman, restrained, good. see moderation. Do NOT bring devastating floods! Don’t destroy bridges, dams, roads, and dwellings.

Have mercy on troublesome people of the goddess Dana, sanctify us water with his fingers, a pair of proto-Slavic deity of Ordana! Let the combination of the God of light EOS and goddess of water of This combines for us the joy of inspiration and courage for all life that exists on earth. There is no light – darkness and Asprovalta. When the reigns of the drought and lack of water – no life. Even the stones and then crumbled to the sand. our ancient Gods! Sanctify our water! Send us rains without the acids and salts of heavy metals and the destructive radionuclides. Send us the rain as we plowed and Zavolochye the ground, sowed and planted, weeded and looked after the fields. Do not send us thunderstorms, heavy rain and gradaute on ripe grain, ripe fruits and vegetables. Send us abundant rain, when we sowed and planted. Early spring and early fall. Let bronitsa rye-wheat and all the food. Let it not wither the leaves and stems without water and never becomes dead wood, groves and oak forests. Send us abundant and warm rains when we ask and not when we are mowing.



Go, go, rain,

Cook you borsch.

Me porridge, you, soup,

That was a great rain!



Wodiczko-sister! Wash our tired body, to heal him from the cares, infirmities, sweat hot and thickened blood. We carry dysentery, typhoid and cholera, the evil, water-sister! And bring us joy, vivacity, inspiration, and health. Font for body, health for the soul. Wash us, make us. We pray to you, Vodice-SIS. You know without any cell do not stir storewelcome in our body and in our Holy land. Thank you, Vodice-sister! Glory to the one who poisons you with oil and gasoline, herbicides and pesticides, debris and phenols, radionuclides and burial sites. Live, live Vodice! And we’ll stretch our strained shoulders.

Praise you, your rain, your gentle clouds, your rose, your eternal source, wells for the thirsty and expected.