Conspiracies smokers from tobacco smoke


I hate the pettiness of the soul, the inertia of the protest, the weakness of sudden failure. for the damned and unbearable the habit, the passion for cigarette and tobacco smoke. To that villain hand wither who first stuck me in the teeth poison. Now I know this smoke is the brother of those exhaust gases, which fulfills the internal combustion engine. Numerous cancer of the respiratory tract, esophagus and stomach, heart attacks and disease, kidney disease and the mouth – it is all blessing, paving the cobblestone way in my body the smoke of conventional cigarettes, flavored different flavors for self-deception.

My bronchi and lungs are not organs, where the fresh air and sends a powerful jet of life without which the person may be detained only a few minutes, a tobacco factory, a dump of ashes, carcinogenic tar, 3,4 benzopyrene and radioactive polonium. I poison every day, your brain intellect. I poisoned the acrid smoke of cigarettes his mother and father, brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren. Who I am as a murderer. I hate cigarettes and Smoking. I’m sick of the smoke and pulls on vomiting. The more we smoke cigarettes the more I vomit. I resent PPE poisonous air, crowded, full of smoke. I protest with all my heart and soul. Me relentlessly pulls of fresh air in the grove and groves, for labor, physical and intellectual. I understand cigarette Smoking, a passion for tobacco smoke as a terrible hopeless backwardness, as the habit, which takes away the strength and health and reduces my active age for 15-20 years. I day and night cough, chronic tobacco bronchitis. I gasp, pulling acidly hellish crucible of a cigarette, pipe, or cigarette. I hate junk souls, that swallowing the smoke. I am forever free themselves from the siege, tobacco. My mind sober. She no longer wants ghostly instant euphoria that plagues me, my genes and chromosomes, my life and existence. I dismissed forever from the craving for cigarettes and pungent smoke. I am absolutely indifferent to Smoking cigarettes. Cigarette for me grows into a giant black Smoking factory pipe with a cross section of several meters and the periodic system of elements Mendeleev, which guests Board for my grave and dig a Deep hole to the light and blow in the icy tube of death.

My mind, intellect, beliefs, my every cell protesting outraged, and becomes an axe behind against tobacco smoke and cigarettes. I’m never going to smoke cigarettes. I am a person of strong will, strong character, unwavering in their decisions. No more of my foes to provoke me to smoke. Shame Kurtz! I’m sick, I hurt in my soul it is so hard at the mention of a tobacco smoke and cigarettes. I understand tobacco smoke as a pesticide, a pesticide that keeps


The sword of Damocles over my health, over my bodies “, systems and cells. Her life I submit to a new health channel that will me my wise people:

To vodka do not drink,

Tobacco smelled,

Foreign women are not loved,

Only listened to favorite.