The plots on the potion


Potion my green! You grow on the mountains and in the valleys. The rivers, roads and lawns. In the woods and coppices, orchards, fields and gardens. Look at the bright sun with its multicolor floral eyes, listen to my tongue leaves, flowers and stems. I was raised (reared), cared, tried, watered and sexes, freed from the weeds that choked you. I was collected and dried. Prepared medicine for themselves and their families. Good people are weak and sick and to prevent illness of body and soul. Preparing you natural multivitamins to promote health and strength, to unwavering immunity against toxic chemicals, infectious diseases and radionuclides. I love you, potion, pour boiling water and cook and insist.

I eat as medicine and charms. You saved me from the evil people and diseases. From poisons verbal and food, from evil eyes and evil intentions.

I love you, potion, prepare for, face and body. I wash my face in your fragrant infusions and decoctions. I take healing baths for the body are depleted as my physical and mental strength. I believe you. You give me health and good spirits. I cook your green cabbage in the soup, prepare salads and dressings. My body, my body can’t live without you can not and will not. You are a strange and unique beam of the Universe, who gives my cells and tissues energy, strength, healing stream, hope and beauty.

Thank you, a healing potion! Thank panacea that it’s powered by the sun, air, water and land for the benefit of the people and life on earth. You give me oxygen you give my vision of the flower of the Universe. Without you there is no harmony, beauty, music, unique perception of the world. I go barefoot in your protected and healthful dew and feel the atoms and molecules of your amazing breath warm and invigorate my body and soul. Improve my whole being, bring us closer to the sacred time of oneness with nature that I got bored, which for me as a mother: attentive, kind, tender, gentle, sorrowful. Requests my attention and respect, sensitivity and soul. I am your child, nature, the sky, the sun, stars, water, earth, the universe. My healing potion!

Like that time Blagovestny,

When you like a song,

His head I mean.