Conspiracies soldiers and officers

Soldier, sailor, officer of the new Ukrainian state! You stand under the blue and yellow banner of the eternal suffering of our Holy land. You solid, strength, protection, peace. Remember: your shoulders are like the shoulders of Atlanta, holding up the foundations of independence, which impinge Frank and hidden hereditary enemies of our people. For several centuries of domination, they used your preparadora for the expansion of their ideology, attempts its aggressive goals. Your ability, skill, your intelligence, your life, they gave on the altar of a foreign language, of ideology, of another ethnic group. Are you this dumb cog, which could at any moment destroy them morally and physically. To deprive of soul and body. You are their servant, brought up on the ideology of a slave, slandered ghostly tenets of equality, brotherhood and liberation missions, but you actually turned out to be an armed defender of the FP mode monotiolovy and the GULAG.

And in spite of everything, you have the saints and the light of inherited traditions of the warriors of Kievan Rus, the glorious knightly times of the Cossacks, Riflemen, UPA, liberation and the hellish camp with Nazi Horde. Our Holy and trampled earth puts you in a sheath, a warrior and an officer, the sword of faith and trust. Stand firmly, steadily and inexorably. Let no angry, hostile or seditious saboteurs did NOT compromise the sanctity of your daily, heavy but very honorable and necessary labor. Remember: you cherish the eternal bright blue, the milky way, the path of Zaporozhye freemen. You will continue to comply with propriately, which historians of the world will take to the center of the Indo-European civilization. You keep native stretch of the blue river and the Black sea, bringing you waves of courage your parents, grandparents and prepreparation. Why learn a complex art of defense of his native land. let


inspires you military and civilian science and wisdom of our great nation. Beware of bribery, assault, deception, provocation. Never come back its terrible weapons against his own people, whose son you were born, who took the oath to serve and believe for the freedom and independence of their lives.

Learn the martial art world, but do not forget that you were deprived of until recently, knowledge about their people, their language, history, culture, its victorious armed forces. Thank you, warrior and officer of the new free Ukraine. Be courageous, brave, wise, sincere and honest.

Take care of your cartridges

But the life of a murderer show them no mercy, –

On illegitimate tyranny and robbery,

Merciless tornado, storm fall!

Strive against them with bullets conversation

They came not just for good pick up your name, language,

Let your son illegitimate

You’re standing on guard of new life, new time. Remember: you are standing at the cornerstone of the prophecy of the poet: the Rise of Ukraine

And dispel the darkness of bondage .

The world of truth will Shine And pray for freedom

Slave children!