Conspiracies newlyweds

Our dear newlyweds! Bless you for a life together, work, care-chores and trials of fate. Life is too complex and fascinating matter. It does not trail level trails and wide paved paths. Waiting is always the hardest science work and the comprehensive pursuit of the ideal. Strive to the ideal. Go always together. Let it be “x” together. Don’t skimp on the range of feelings and fury of a fiery love. Only great love will make you happy, kind, friendly, sincere, sensitive to his and others ‘ grief and the numerous and unforeseen challenges. Don’t be stingy and stale. Love and respect their parents, then the children and grandchildren of successive respect you. Hurry to live and to do good. Because of the year not slowly trailing over the far edge, and run like a spring of water with steep mountains. Hurry up to explore its people, its language, culture, his wisdom, inherited from the folios of years. The wisdom of the philosopher, a great and unique workaholic and refined and noble artist. Learn its history and ethnogenesis. Only then will you become true sons and daughters of the people, and you will enrich this science and raise it to a higher mythic tier your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.

Now hold on to hereditary gifts and wishes from his people is too rich with exceptional word and generous in good deeds:

Give the young garden, and the garden berries, to live in peace and harmony.

Give the bucket of buckwheat, so no disputes there.

A wreath of garlic to love the taste.

COP rye that young didn’t go bat.

Bag ears to age peacefully lived!

Give the young a tablecloth on four edgings that had four sons and all the musicians.

Give the young arc not to look for a second, and the youngest is a black horse that did not look on the other.

Give a bag of Pooh to the daughter did NOT bite the mother in law.

Give bees on the green oak, the young kiss on the lips.

We wish to be healthy, as water rich as the earth, as busy as a bee, as beautiful as spring.

Give clean water to were both good at beauty.

Give health and happiness. And age is long, and mind the bright sun instantly morning, and the sky is blue and clear with stars, clear waters.

Oh, our city is growing mint is abundant But our young family is lovely.

Oh, our city is growing mint dark But in our young family enjoyable.