Conspiracies-the atonement

I am the accuser and anonimschik. The lever vile system. All my conscious life I was engaged only insinuations. I fear and hate themselves and their medals, which the system of distribution of corruption and servile servants were given me for every offence: to sell or slandered an outstanding man – the order, wrote the anonymous letter – flat, provoked the scientist – thirteenth salary, organized the herd of the pseudo-witness – a free trip abroad. I lived, had a four-year education, correspondence College, distance learning Institute and was a semi-literate, like people say: some buckwheat, some millet, a little clad, a little boss. I lived and was convinced that the ranks of what Marx and Lenin’s socialism and Stalin built a prison of Nations, where “all languages, all silent, because flourishes” fist of obscurantism and ideology wholesale-cartonaggio. This group, the vast majority of poisoned by the slogans of equality and the master of his fate, a single-celled nervous living in my head, always waiting for the slogans: crush, crush best sons and daughters of the great and bloody Empire that was dominated by a bunch of ignorant criminals at the head of the proto-kitaisko-Mongolian state prison. I am ashamed in front of children and grandchildren, even great-grandchildren born. My stages of growth from such and such a worker in the idle-worker – abyss of the fall and betrayal. How much I sold the righteous souls and honest hearts of writers, artists, farmers-owners and workers. My word of the Marxist-KGB men became for three of the executioners bullets, swords, knives, shot in warm hearts and cut the artery of life of innocent people or locked them in the dungeons and crazy.

I’m not going on Khreshchatyk and scream ghostly black slogans: “Lenin! Socialism! Long live the Soviet Union! “I am silent and crying. I look at myself and those mentally crippled people, this is understandable, as forever robbed of mental nici. Oh me, my people, accept my sincere atonement, if you can, for my many crimes committed by the consciousness of the executioner, like.about blessed to the action of a vile society and cursed the whole world, calling it” the evil Empire”. I kneel before you, my land and my people. I’m not a hero, not a winner, how many more think obvorovali. I – “illegitimate brutal executioners”. Accept my redemption, my people, even before his death. I am a janissary, Mamluk, traitor. Let forever I’ll be damned, my people, as the victim system, resulting in blood, betrayal, slander and ignorance. I’m crying. I forever condemn yourself. I will not let the evil power to my children and grandchildren stood on the trail that I walked like a criminal, a scoundrel and a cat. Curse me and those who raised me, were blessed and hung undeserved medals on my chest rachitic. Give me, fate-stepmother live out their lives quietly, without publicity, who am I forever die with the system that gave birth to me and swaddled for evil and betrayal.