Plots from allergies

The sun, the air, the breath of the breeze. Cold and heat, water, snow and ice. Gunpowder clothing, gunpowder books, Merv, old things, flowers home. The dust and sand, pollen, flowers, and flowers of incomparable nature. Don’t make me the greatest evil, don’t make me doomed. Let me breathe. The allergens! How many of you in this world. Damn you, you send me such a fierce disease that I just sneeze and cough, wheezing and choking. I’m afraid the flowers, smells of spring, summer, autumn drizzle and cold in the winter. My mucous membranes of the nose and palate no longer swollen. The eyelids are made heavy. I don’t feel movement and foreign bodies in my eyes. I know: eggs, strawberries, smoked fish, sweet dishes are in my body significant Allergy. I have long abandoned consumption of these products. My skin is slowly but relentlessly exempt from significant lesions-spots. My lungs begin to breathe in full force. My bronchi are permanently spasms and those convex crackling and wheezing, which take away my health. I become very aware of yourself and your health. I make a firm resistance to odors, dust, and dust, cold, heat, rain and mold. I strained supervise his breath. Spasms of the bronchi become weak, rare and forever pass from the touch of fresh air, space, morning cool breeze. I harden my body with physical labor, consumption of fruit and vegetables, hot and cold water, respiration mode, a deep conviction that I will overcome this severe Allergy.


I go barefoot in the snow. Winter can not hide . My body is fully adjusted to heat and cold, sunshine and slush, cloudy sky and an annoying mist. I learned how to control his breathing and to prevent spasms of the bronchi. I inhale and exhale the air calmly, confidently, without obstacles, barriers and wheezing. I run this process strained and no familiar and a new irritant or the allergen is no longer able to prevent me to breathe. I coach their beliefs, intelligence, actively affect the immunity level. I compare myself, my education, experience and erudition with the insignificant speck of dust, a molecule of scent or edible junk and protest against this microcosm, all the great powers of soul and body.

I’m a man. Endowed with significant and unusual forces of nature to live, to learn, to work, to do good. And suddenly some of ultrameta matter-a speck of dust are threatened my life and crosses the path of the breath. In his mind, I put a huge fence variety of negative effects on my respiratory tract, skin, immunity. I take the words of Hippocrates as a credo: “Man is a doctor herself.” More painful I do not accept the smell of spring, of summer, of old things, gunpowder, dust, and dead mold. My body and soul are transformed and give me health. I eat decoctions of the leaves of mistletoe, the roots of chicory, dandelion, burdock, couch grass, Echinacea, hawthorn fruit and wild rose. I eat extracts of hawthorn flowers, grass Veronica drug, floral baskets immortelle, columns with stigmas of maize ordinary. I take the fonts of these plants and become insensitive to allergens. Straightens my bent figure straightened shoulders. I breathe a full breast. Do not bother me more allergens. I turned my body and soul and become a real wall for allergens. I can easily, without stress breathing. I’m not sneezing and not coughing. I want to live, I want to work. Bouts of illness have disappeared forever. I am glad the sun, spring, flowers, your colors and your beauty, endless natural!