Conspiracies against peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum

Ulcers my dashing! .. Where you from, my head, my body and soul? You from the father, the mother sent to me, from the bad or negative emotions, or from pathological impulses that arise in my body that was extremely acid peptic factor. It was so still. But it will not happen in the future. I’m a man. A huge world of feelings and actions of higher nervous activity give me the opportunity to rise above my illness. My intelligence has billions of nerve cells. I am the galaxy. I – Metagalaxy feelings, impulses, willpower, stress, focus and direction in the health channel. I’m dominating negative emotions and passions. Bad habits: alcoholic beverages, overeating, Smoking cigarettes – I lost forever. Alcohol, excessive filling of the stomach, cigarette smoke is the worst and treacherous enemies, my health, my health, my specialty and my family. I gradually but persistently “up”. My health is my state of mind and body. Pain in the stomach disappears, the heartburn subsides. Forever I have lost the pains in the stomach on an empty stomach and at night. The mucous membrane of stomach and duodenal ulcers gradually heal, recover. Disappears Qatar, erosions, ulcers. The acidity of gastric juice becomes normal and stable, and contributes to the digestive process. I have recovered intestinal peristalsis and constipation disappeared. I don’t eat spicy food. I slowly, without haste, chewing food well. I stick to the diet, and it also becomes an important factor in the cure of my illness. I become completely calm and soothing. I was more painful not to irritate the mistakes on the work and domestic troubles at home. I put to myself: to fully heal, understanding the advances in medical science and to mobilize the inner strength of my restored body. Me cure nature: air, water, birds, trees, forests, magic oak. Treats me pulmonaria officinalis, Echinacea, marshmallow, flax seeds, Polemonium caeruleum, plantain, chamomile, propolis, sunflower oil, galangal, mint, Melissa. Me treats soft voice of relatives: parents, wife, children, their friendly attitude and life success. I’m not alone. With me, colleagues, friends, family. I become a staunch optimist. That my illness is near to the eternity meaning of ray of sunshine, the abundance of nature, chirping of the Nightingale and Symphony space. Stomach pain disappear forever, heartburn leaves me to worry. Acidity becomes normal and encouraged by the comfort of saturation benign food that a person experiences. I am calm. I am discreet in all things, especially in the alimentary excesses and range. It gives me the opportunity to actively manage the health of my organs and systems. I heal myself daily, monthly, yearly. My body is healthy, full of great strength and energy. My soul is soft, sincere, sympathetic, mild, kind. I’m recovering. My ulcers and erosions heal forever and never again do not bother me. I will forever cured. And never-never come back, come back my disease won’t relapse. I will forget that I have it was once painful and bothered. I am calm, cheerful, full of inexhaustible strength and energy, full of life and labor.