Plots from hypertension

“My word, tears are my heaven you are my heaven” Well, my word, my soul and body. Take the painful stress of daily and hard life of mine. Take it easy on me. Take pain in the heart, head, hands and feet. Day and night. In Sunny and in cloudy weather. Summer and autumn, and a bad rainy winters, and grim, and consisti spring.

I am calm (calm) I am quite sober about their disease, condition of the heart, my body and soul. I’m in charge of their actions. I’m not feverish. Any troubles at work, at home, on the street, in the family, I react calmly without much irritation. After all, life. At my age, illusions of conflict in any important matter can not be. The logic of life. How in the world good and evil, light itine, major and minor, and there are an infinite number of gradations of mental States and feelings. Both negative and joyful. Good and evil I perceive clearly and calmly. Fools are stubborn to recognize quickly and pass without thinking. I do not argue with them, because all is in vain. And we have a proverb: when a fool is smart? Answers: when silent.

The world is complicated, pragmatic, demanding, frantic. Sympathy to his needs and the intricacies of the movements of the soul of the individual is almost imperceptible. I understand that my belief in my peace, focused attention on the improvement of And health is the cornerstone of my health, 1 comfort, physical condition, K. whom I want.

I’m medicating myself with conspiracies, diet, work, rest.

I’m medicating myself many healing plants: mistletoe, hawthorn prickly, Polemonium caeruleum, plantain, motherwort heart, Lily of the valley, cottonweed , fruits and vegetables. I hear the deep language of these and many other plants. They heal my heart vessels, normalizes cholesterol metabolism, relieve stress, improve sleep. Make me energetic, cheerful, healthy, full of inexhaustible strength and powerful energy. I’m a dynamic. My judgment foresees a critical situation, and it always contributes to the fact that I prevent the destructive threads (for my health) unpleasant events.

I am very willing to communicate, and it also is a positive feature of my character. I am calm, I soothed. My conviction, my faith in your strength, specialty, active life position gives me the lever, which is firmly held and restored my health. I am calm. Blood pressure I have as a young healthy person. I’m in charge of your feelings and actions.

I am a person of strong will, strong character, a strong nervous system.

“I rejoice … And zeal is the color of human life,”. convinced famous folk philosopher Grigory Skovoroda more than two hundred years ago.