Plots from scaly lichen (psoriasis)

Disease, my disease! Where do you come from? Or water, or food, or immunity, which I did not add the parents inherited. Joints and solobici. Elbows and knees, back and head. Why surrounded you so vehemently scaly patches is plaques. I don’t have to give you the tips tips. Do my will, nervous system, my mode, my concentration of forces and protest against disease will not save me and cure my skin, body, and soul. I concentrate my attention on the complete healing of my illness. I’m working on the liver, pancreas, heart and soul, my unyielding wall of immunity. My depression is. I’m focused and patient. I took a final and complete cure of my illness and become healthy in body and soul. I do not oppress my illness. I cook every cell of my body, my dermis and epidermis before the onset of the disease. I don’t eat fats and oils. Essential fats for me is not refined oil. I do not drink alcoholic beverages and do not smoke cigarettes. I don’t eat cakes and pastries, sweet dishes and products. Medicines of nature for me – the cornerstone: the sun, air, fonts, medicinal plants, fruits and vegetables. I cook soup and soup from nettles, dandelion, avens, ground. I accept as medicine: the rhizome of couch grass, the leaves of walnut. The fruits of hawthorn, wild rose, barberry. I prepare a decoction of the roots with rhizomes of cyanosis blue, flowering baskets immortelle, columns with stigmas of maize. I stick to the diet. Daily coming back to my faith and unwavering hope to complete my cure. I take 100 grams of chicory roots and rhizomes with roots cyanosis blue, 50 g of hawthorn berries, rose hips, grass lungwort and Heather, add 100 g of rhizomes of couch grass. Make a decoction of 5 liters of spring water, insist 4:00, and add to the bath. Fonts are 2-3 times a week for 20-30 min a little warm. From fonts my body younger. I wash in the healing waters the head and neck, every part of my speckled body, every joint and zoglobek. Gradually disappear Muscovite education, disappear rashes of plaque. The skin is clean, natural, without darkened pigmentation. It returns the natural Shine, elasticity and life. My faith in full recovery of my antiquated disease is increasing week after week, month after month. My mode of persuasion, mobilization, medicinal plants, the sea, the conspiracies before bed and during the day give me health, faith and courage. My skin becomes clean, supple and attractive. I am calm, soothing, confident, persistent desire for complete cure. The nature of my disease-nagorichino. Recognize science. But I will overcome and neutralize all the causes that lead to disease! .. Came back to faith, hope to complete my cure. My skin is freed from luckovich lesions-plaques. It becomes natural, soft, attractive. I vilicus forever and be completely healthy.

I’m living a new life, new thoughts, aspirations and beliefs. I am healthy, vigorous, full of strength, energy and optimism.