First there was the word

First in the context of significant Arsenal of traditional medicine Ukrainians put the word. Word treatment. The word as a factor shaping the Outlook of the child. The word as a means and method of communication, suggestion, word as significant treatment arm in combination with other traditional medicines. Giving birth to a child, the mother is caring, singing to her songs. This factor is good to give special importance. The child forms the meditative, positive emotions, laid attitude to nature, native land, labour, culture.
Take, for comparison, a typical modern mother. Many of them sing lullabies, tell the folk songs or legends? Very often prevails over the cradle, not the original javaengine the spirit of the ancestors, and com Pact disks as Athos linguistic and musical absurdities, cigarette smoke and alcoholic fumes. And milk the baby sucks from the mother of the Persians with the remnants of the alkaloid nicotine, herbicides and pesticides, salts of heavy metals and in the range of radionuclides. This is a real tragedy of the modern mother, modern child, in our time, and our people.During a certain historical period, the Ukrainians developed a separate form of language of suggestion — plots. The specifics of the plots and whisperings, is that in the process of use it is forbidden to add any words, sentences, thoughts, to change their contents. Are hereditary and very practical for contemporary immutable requirements give ability to close the researcher to conduct a detailed analysis of their verbal structure, the content, the appropriateness of suggestion in a particular disease, a certain emotional and mental state of the person. According to him, we are studying worldview, language, personality, their beliefs that characterize a particular historical epoch.
Carried out the conspiracies, not only civilians, but soldiers. On the eve of combat operations, heavy passages, deadly battles with the enemy centurions, Koshevoi atamans, colonels, Hetman turned to the military units of Cossacks with bright speeches conspiracies that inspired the winners of the heroic deeds and military successes. The motives of the conspiracy — spells swords and enemy bullets appear in a very recent songs of the Sich Riflemen.
We note in passing that even during the great Patriotic war, the workers were often called almost unarmed, hungry and semi-clad soldiers of the Soviet army to lay down his life “for the family, For Stalin!” And the soldiers, kindled by the word, went and … died, is now to rest in unmarked, often neglected mass graves. And name was on the deed of these unfortunate people only incantations, magic words and the high patriotism which is not able to understand any nation of the globe. Patriotism grows out of the word. Even in our days …
The samples of ancient conspiracies are very diverse. Conspiracies about health in General. For baby the first movement after birth. Boredom (mental instability), colic, insomnia, panic, binge.Conspiracies are deep but folklore-song basis, the Foundation of which is easy to observe the age-old wisdom of intelligent people, based on meditation mogucnosti words as a factor in the activity of the Central nervous system. With the word the people believe in the great influence on the person of the heavenly bodies, fire, water, earth, plants as medicine and amulets, pagan and Christian deities.
Formula conspiracy extremely ancient and date back to the poetic creativity of the people and their ancestral traditions.
Even in the thirties of our century in almost every village you could find grandmothers of fortune-tellers, midwives who healed the word: spells, charms, mysterious whisper. It was not an ordinary or normal person, as a driving militant atheists. Folk traditions, customary laws demanded to abide by these women of these mandatory qualities: women need to be * attractive, elderly, have significant life experience, good character.
So, the word in the conspiracy acts like a sensual base of elocution as magic, art. In the end, * as a medical suggestive definition of the directed action against a certain disease, disharmonious condition, character flaws, bad habits, moral perversions, and the like. As you can see, this is the modern postulates of trainees therapists students, highlighting to them the rules of suggestion as in slumber and in wakefulness.
You should also recall that many modern patients, despite the level of education, using the services of classic grandmothers — and often feel better health. Is this true? Yes. The word as a factor of suggestion, especially for impressionable person, and told in the twilight, in a whisper, even with the use of herbal charms has significant healing power. And storage in homes — rooms, canteens, dormitories oregano, mint, lemon balm, thyme, sage, yarrow, tansy does not indicate a superstition of our people: volatile oil, having in its composition of these plants, in fact soft thou disinfect the premises, its pleasant drink to soothe the Central nervous system, inspire the body and soul courage and some comfort items.
When we compare the schema of hypnosis in medical textbooks or heard on TV from the mouth of A. Kashpirovsky with lyrics folk conspiracies verbal or verbal magic, I can ascertain a huge difference. The first stint on the epithets, metaphors, trails.The character of our people in its historical basis is too kind, sincere, compassionate, and compassionate. This speaks to the musical and verbal folklore, especially Christmas carols. The influence of words on Ukrainian special because over the years his ears imbued with inherent to our people with many good wishes friends!? neighbours, villagers, relatives. Ritual of the holiday also include monologues with various forces of nature to preserve health, wakefulness of crops, the harvests, protection of animals, offspring from them and wishes to relatives, neighbors, villagers and just good people happiness, health and bounty of life. In this regard, is very significant sedivka “Oh SIV and zozulenka”, where it is noted that in the garden of the three towers.
In the late fifties in the village of Kurozvany Hasanskogo district, Rivne region the author was lucky to record an appeal to pagan deities. After the 75-year-old grandmother-costabrava “brought” broken bone on the bone and “sent” joints, he heard a whisper: “How you the King of the Fire with the Queen of Water the world was created, has recovered from ankle to ankle, zoglobek to suglobina,vein to vein. The joints and solobici, become. Let it be as it was. Let the hand will be all bones, all brains, all lived, all nails and hairs. Water, fire and the God of the sun, let the healthier your hand, man. Save you boy from the black eyes of evil and envious gaze. The goddess Dana, this sick wash your water from dirt, anger, hatred, vavak and various terrible epidemic.” Then the grandmother took water in which was cooked the comfrey root, and a tablespoon thrice gave him to drink. After a few minutes, pounded fresh root comfrey, taking nine spoonfuls of it were added in nine tablespoons of sunflower oil, mixed and applied to wounds and open. Fractures of the fingers, bandaged and released a guy home. In this episode you can notice the touch elements of professional medicine.The ratio of fractures and reduction of dislocations, magical compulsion, and the use of herbal remedies for external use and for internal use.