Virgin mountain

In the Slavic Western, Northern and Eastern regions meet a kind architectural sights too distant past with strange sounding names – slumber mountain. Such monuments with certain peculiar shades, characteristic only for the region described in Moravia, Novgorod and Ukraine. In particular, in Sakhnivtsi on the picturesque banks of the ROS river, in the Trypillia in the Kyiv region.

And this is why they tend to interest the doctor? Meanwhile, there is no doubt that this ancient sanctuary, which United our ancestors with the sky, earth, water, fire, space and, amid incomparably beautiful nature, blessed motherhood. It is our mind confirms the landscape. Actually, the mountain, ancient settlement, and in it an altar, which has nine hemispherical Dublin. According to historians, ethnographers and archaeologists, these recesses and it is not creations of nature! Could be the dishes in which was brewed the potion and grain. In particular, wheat, millet (millet), flax, hemp seeds (family), beans, peas, and so a basic Set of plants was placed to the number of vessels. Why nine and not three? But because nine months is a fetus in the womb before it will appear in the white light. But cooked in the bowl varied grain? Honestly speaking we are not very convinced, and began to creep into doubt. After the grain had a special magic and Holiness, was the daily, ordinary and mundane food. Another thing – medicinal plants.

And here we are very interested in the nature of the regions, and it is the plant world. We examined Sakhnovka and Devic mountain in Tripoli. And was amazed not only really spectacular especially in Tripoli the mysterious slopes, hills, clear skies, mysterious silence, eternity …

We are very interested in conventional medicinal plants that were originally growing in these areas. We interviewed many people, mostly elderly, and connoisseurs of medicinal plants, and botanists for a common goal: plants grow near these places since ancient times? That relic? Missing or disappear in Association with relentless plowing and the use of virgin land for construction, pastures, etc..

And the conclusion is soon fully emerged. The most common plants of the mentioned areas we have noted are: knotweed, common nettle, plantain, yarrow, field mint, pulmonaria officinalis, the herb vulgaris, thymus vulgaris, asparagus officinalis. These plants uses traditional medicine primarily as a medicinal and applies continuity for millennia. Their names almost authentic from the scientific, Botanical names of Ukraine. Consequently, we were convinced that we were likely by searching.

But why have we focused on the names of these plants? But because these plants are used in folk medicine for “relief” and “correction” of pregnancy since time immemorial.

Stay with a few sentences in pregnancy. Pregnancy is the totality of physiological processes starting from fertilization of the egg in the fallopian tubes and ends with the birth of a new organism of the child. Pregnancy, though a physiological phenomenon, but it is too complicated for mother and confronts her in a very responsible task that involves nature in the process of development and growth of the fetus.

First of all, is tied very intimate metabolic relationship of the fetus with the mother’s body.

During pregnancy change not only the function of the endocrine glands of pregnant, but also restructuring of the organs and systems of a single organism. Changing the overall metabolism, especially mineral. Forming the skeleton of the child for whom it is necessary “to put” phosphorus and especially calcium. Significant loads have during pregnancy (even normal) digestive, excretory, cardiovascular and Central nervous system. In the event of toxemia of pregnancy recorded significant pathological changes in the liver, kidney, digestive tract and Central nervous system. So, from conception to birth of a child is sacred, but too complicated and responsible process, which was known by our ancestors and encouraged him and loved birth of a new healthy lifestyle.

If at least briefly analyze the symptoms of the toxemia of pregnancy from nausea to jaundice, or dropsy of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, it can be concluded that the pathology of pregnancy is extremely adversely affects both the fetus and the mother’s health. During eclampsia while too threatening condition register even seizures with complete loss of consciousness. As detailed complications, record cardiac activity, brain hemorrhage, pulmonary edema, vnatresna -Lenovo foetal hypoxia and death. The fight against these threatening complications and consequences of pathological changes even in our time is extremely complex, problematic and lengthy. What can we say about the success and the results of treatment in this direction in those “occult and dark” – probably to the emergence of ancient Rome, Babylon and other ancient civilizations? However, think about it and not to rush into categorical and negative conclusions.

It’s time to consider skautskogo Golden plate, which was found in Sakhnivtsi, zarubinetska settlement and Devic mountain. Archaeologists and historians have called this record “the Scythian holiday”. Almost in the center of the composition, preserved, depicts the imposing female deity, dear Marya, which holds in a certain range, or maybe the Orb on the stand. Stand or, truthfully, the right hand almost touching the axes, which is supported by SKIF summer to secure the hand of the goddess and stands. Noteworthy clothes and especially the headdress of the goddess, which is almost completely, even in the small details, resembles a hat summer Ukrainian women of the past. Left women – year-old skiff with a hatchet and corner. Right, woman, young SKIF holds aloft the torch, blessing, probably, it as Roganic? “* Goddess of pregnancy. The young Scythian – two soldiers, arm in arm, hold intimate conversations and keep a sacred drink in the corner. They are happy, exalted. Perhaps they sent the destiny and Rozhanitsa many descendants. Summer SKIF (note) in contemplative reverie. As we have noted, he holds in his left hand a horn, probably with a drink, waiting to drink consecrated the deity of the sun. And so was born his wife’s child – “sun”. So I would like us (on the basis of certain objective historical background) to decode the song depicts the events on record and is likely to interpret ancient figure. Good to note the high artistic graphic quality of the drawing and depicts significant and not everyday vitagliano magic scene, the treasure of antiquity.

So, slumber mountain and gold plate, which is found in Sakhnivtsi, have common roots and purpose. And assign them on our head, – identical. However, the gold plate and it completed the picture act as a magic sign, the predecessor of the icons. And have a slumber mountain (especially mountain in Tripoli) is a system of verbal, astral, sacred, magical herbal amulets. When on this mountain, to the altar, collected or pregnant women “of marriageable age”, unquestionably carried out the conspiracies, that is (go to a modern language) has been FIZOPTIKA-profilaktichna the training of future mothers.

Being on this mountain, and actually feel some kind of special, legendary therapeutic breath of eternity. The woman who examined Devic mountain, later admitted that they had some particularly proud, celebratory mysterious feeling of motherhood.

And this Holiness added them too powerful jet valiant forces. Although, note, it was a women not a young age. As materialists, we took it through meditative memories of a Golden youth, happiness has not yet cloud-based maternity and smoothest women are very vulnerable artistic type of character and the nature of these individuals (they were people of art). Remember at last about the plants that finally decides our guesses.

When we carry out a General analysis of complex pharmacologically active substances listed plants, the following should be noted for their therapeutic value and weight:

  1. a) these plants are not toxic
  2. b) they contribute to the formation of blood and prevents uterine bleeding, too threatening during pregnancy
  3. C) normalizes the processes of excitation and inhibition, normalize blood pressure
  4. g) improve the overall metabolism, especially mineral
  5. d) prevent complications that occur in pregnant in the liver and kidneys
  6. e) prevent the occurrence of nausea and vomiting
  7. e) carry out effective detoxification


And most importantly, ensure the normal formation of organs and systems vnutrikoronarnogo fetal development and maintaining the harmony of the physiological processes of digestion and excretion.

And it’s time to move imagination into the deceptive, mysterious, and epoch. Pregnant women with the girls “of marriageable age” going on the mountain and listened attentively to the contents of conspiracies conducted by the venerable woman in the clothes of the deity. Subsequently, from a separate nine ritual vessels


leaked extracts of the mentioned plant to the other, ceremonial bowls, mixed and allowed to drink the mothers. This whole process was a vivid imprint verbal, landscape architectural, medical and preventive magic. 1 silence. The silence and the breeze (barely palpable breeze). They have some here, especially regarding “active”. Silence as a significant pause after spells and healing magic of the sacrament. This Symphony the pastoral effects on the mind and soul of the women momentarily stopped. And the contrast of silence waiting is valid too. No words, no unit sounds, only the voice of nature. The blue of the mountain, the Dnieper deceptively impressionistic way. In these extremely sensual actions and conditions, the future mother of the subconscious comes to the conclusion that it connects with the Universe and becomes a God.

And finally: how necessary to recommend the use of named plants for pregnant women? Of course, the magic number “nine” we adhere to. Plants are preparing for the next

the dosing regimen.


This herb usual 200 g

Plantain leaves 100 g

Nettle leaves 100 g

Herb yarrow 100 g

Grass field mint 100 g

Grass lungwort drug 100 g

The leaves are mother of the usual 100 g

Thyme 100 g

Grass asparagus officinalis (chill rabbit) 100 g

Plants are crushed, mixed. for the treatment of

take 1-2 tablespoons, pour a glass of boiling water,

insist 2:00. Take 50-100 ml 3 times

day LP min. before eating.

Treatment of complications of pregnancy in our time is

under the supervision of the obstetrician-gynecologist and as

the rule, consultation various health professionals and a large Arsenal of medicines. However

utilization of medicinal plants for these purposes for

our head is appropriate and necessary …

Common sense, doubt the strict sense and everyday

objectivity tells us confession: authentic

we reconstructed our decisions, we may be far from those

time (it probably is), and truth accepted? and our

confidence shrinks and grows in the other direction. And there we

adamant: more than forty years, we treat the pathology

pregnancy named the plants, expected to objectively admit – very successful. However, the dose of individual plants provided different, depending on what pathological process in the pregnant woman’s body belongs to “equalize” or “correct”.

In conclusion, I would like to mention: in ancient Hellas, were built the Pantheon, a temple dedicated to the gods. Our large and spiritually majestic preparadora dedicated Devic-the mountains, these really are unique temples and monuments of nature, – the pregnant woman, mother … mother of God! ..

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