Medical astrology

The worship of the heavenly bodies — the sun, month, stars the age-old tradition among our people since oriev . Of dearth, hail, thunder, lightning (strely Peruna), the Eclipse of the sun, moon, locusts, clouds raced in the air — all this makes a person with fear to look up at the sky, in fact, their agricultural destiny, the destiny of the harvest, of cattle and their condition to associate with the cause (good or bad) of celestial phenomena and bodies. Many of the heavenly bodies of our people have national names: the Who, Volosozhar, the milky way.
In age-old times of our distant great-great-grandfathers their economic action, in fact, their successful start or finish associated with the phases of the moon. The full moon, and impaired, a month-a shortfall of verbal recall we are determining the closest satellite of the Earth. It was observed the impact on the health of the people of the moon phases with both positive and negative sides in certain chronic ailments. And many works believed to begin before sunrise, in the phase of full or new moon from water and dew. Magical effect of dew in the phase of full and a new month is considered very useful in arthritis, varicose veins, gout, etc.
What is Rosa? This condensed water vapor, which settles on the meadow medicinal plants, especially fragrant, which are composed of scented volatile oils and volatile substances: marjoram, thyme, mint, sage, bedstraw real, wormwood, St. John’s wort, yarrow, reshitnyk usual, capology fragrant and the like. So, water vapor, adsorbing aromatic volatile oil and volatile, dew drops, infused as a “panacea” and may be considered a natural infusion of fresh (living) medicinal plants. Therapeutic effect is obvious and undeniable. Moreover, to explore rosanah meadows and glades has a certain importance for the electrostatics of the Jews. The question is examined as physicians and biophysically.The enchanted voice of the love of the Nightingale flutes, incomprehensible Kukushkin call gamma solar sounds protected groves — it is the natural isotonic relaxant that stimulates and soothes, invigorates body and soul, gives us eternal sense of beauty and harmony of the world and the Universe and argues that man needs to be born , to live and work on earth for happiness, creativity and kindness.
So medical astrology is the same traditional way as the use of medicinal plants. But due to the fact that the heavenly bodies too far, and the traditional knowledge of astrology of the people is not so sufficient, it found only a certain not very wide applications in the mainstream of traditional medicine. And elements of her past are supposed to study and provide all the scientific support of development and research at present and in the future.

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