Characterinto and magic

Mentioned definitions have their roots in antiquity and was used in folk medicinal practice quite extensively. Call magic action, objects, numbers. Surprisingly, many things in the popular imagination played with the magic signs in the manufacture or use latest for the holidays: Easter bread, eggs, and even Easter horseradish, candles, willow branches, and the like. Noteworthy numerical magic. A magic number is three, representing the Trinity of the world: sky, earth, water, nine, and so forth.

Practically it is embodied in a quantitative recipes of medicinal plants. Collected three or, in the vast majority, nine plants from three or nine sites. Cooking of decoctions or infusions. Drinking three times a day.
Remember also to this characteristic means. Take three one-day chicken eggs. Dangle them on the head, neck, torso or abdomen of the child is generally painful. The following procedure was carried out three or nine days in a row. Now science seeks to find evidence of the effectiveness of these measures. Treating ailments three or nine days in a row. Make the font in various ailments three or primarily nine days in a row. Always near objects, infusions, decoctions, tinctures, fonts sounded jokes, conspiracies, suggestion, bright, full of metaphors, comparisons word. And the word very good actors appeared in full force fire, earth, water, precious metals and stones. The suggestion prevailed spells, evil forces and diseases, and was dominated by optimism. A kind word, says the people, the wall, and the evil and the door will not be included. And has a very modern sound value of the second signal system in this proverb: “the Horse led by the bridle, and the man — words”. To inspire, to unleash mana, especially on enemies: Tatars, poles, Turks, as evidenced by the numerous legends of the middle ages, was military cunning and prerogative of the Cossacks, often because a small group of Cossack winners were able to win beyond the significant size of the group of conquerors. Characterinto or, in a modern, ESP the Cossack period subject to careful and objective study of how a strange psychological phenomenon. Too much diversity has gained psychic in our time.
History testifies that as long as mankind exists, as there are psychics, persons who are trying to get into the world of the mysterious bioenergy fields, the study of which science is just beginning, but more contested. Many more in the actions of the psychics science both theoretical and applied is not able to explain the healing touch of hands, the effect at a considerable distance, the influence of thoughts, the treatment with the portraits made by the masters of the brush or on the photos.
And science proves the existence of four-dimensional space in nuclear interactions. Laws of the action of elementary particles in the nucleus are quite different than in our three-dimensional world. And the reason is just as gravitational interactions. When we master the four-dimensional world, learn
to communicate with the Universe beyond time and space. It’s not just fiction. Psychics are strained tend to stand on the steps of the solution of these facets of communication, subject to the development of the mechanism of gravitational relationships. Important landmark scientific discoveries. However, this is only fascinating and deceptive dreams.


The treatment of poisoning with heavy metal salts

Neutralization of toxins of Salmonella, Staphylococcus, tetanus. The treatment of poisoning with herbicides and pesticides. Binding and excretion of radionuclides.
Mankind has since time immemorial haunted the named infectious diseases. And to combat them it has its ideological representation of numerous remedies. Oddly enough, but a universal antidote remedy was in Ukrainian, a seemingly ordinary dish — compote. This decoction is an infusion of dried pears, plums, strawberries, raspberries, black currants, cherries, apples and pears, mainly wild seedlings, with the addition of starch — jelly. Compote and jelly of the fruit — a very popular food in the national diet. And drugs with the antidote, neutralizing direction against Salmonella, dysentery, typhoid, paratyphoid, tetanus. Here are the elements of cooking this compote, restored the people’s memory of Chernihiv region (the village of Makiivka, Hannivka, Sofiivka Nosovskiy district).
On the first day of boiled chopped beet sugar: 2 kg of beets take 4 liters of water. The next day the broth was poured into a separate bowl and add half a Cup of chicory roots, rhizomes with roots of Burnet, quack grass rhizomes and fruits of hawthorn prickly, kidneys black poplar, grass oregano, rose hips cinnamon, rhizomes with roots cyanosis blue and filipendulae six-petalled . Add 2 liters of water, boil on low heat for 10 minutes, to Insist 4:00. Use 15-30 consecutive days 3 times a day for 50-100 ml half an hour before meals. When you edit 35-50 days.
In cases of poisoning by salts of heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides, as well as for binding and excretion of radionuclides, the means of folk medicine used a decoction of sugar beet, given that it focuses a significant amount of pectin, succinic acid, microelements. The next day the broth add seeds wiki, oat, rose hips cinnamon, hawthorn prickly, oleaster, leaves of smoke tree the ordinary, dandelion root, rhizomes with roots cyanosis blue, floral baskets immortelle, herb lemon balm, columns with stigmas of maize ordinary. Weight parts and cooking — as in previous tools.The high radiation recommend taking called broth quarterly 20-30 days and a half to two years.
The presence of pectin, inulin, tannins, flavonoids, volatile oils, sulfur-containing amino acids methionine and cystine, succinic acid, multivitamins, minerals, medicinal plants, in particular iron, cobalt, molybdenum, zirconium, manganese, selenium, silver, polineni – saturated fatty acids, convinces us that here a folk remedy entirely consonant with the scientific concepts of the modern stage for treatment and the impact on human health called negative agents.
To stimulate killer cells, secretory immunoglobulin. and hematopoiesis in General, driven by traditional medicine have highly effective value:
Roots with rhizomes of Burnet
dosage 100 g
Rose hips cinnamon 100 g
The roots of Echinacea purpurea 100 g
Hawthorn prickly 200 g
Nettle leaves 100 g
Rhizomes of couch grass 100 g
Capolicy grass scented 100 g Decoction.

To stimulate immune processes and hematopoiesis in high radiation we use a large amount of alcohol compositions. Here are some of them:
Infusion of the roots of Echinacea purpurea 2 hours.
Natona roots of chicory 1 hour
Tincture of buckwheat flowers 1 h.
Tincture fragrant capolicy 1 h.
Tincture of Burnet 1 h.
Tincture fragrant capolicy 1 h.
Tincture of roots of chicory 1 hour
Tincture of yarrow 1 h.
Tincture of nettle leaves 1 part
Tincture tormentil 2 hours.
Tincture of avens city 1 hour
Tincture of plantain 1 h.
Tincture of yarrow 1 h.
Decoction and tincture take as usual. Courses of treatment 1-2 years. Every 1.5-2 months make a break for 7-10 days.


This method, as the science of iridology, began to establish itself recently. Although ~ they are known in India, China, Egypt, Babylon, Greece since ancient times.
As Ukrainians belong to the Indo-European community and culture, that is indisputable diagnosis of diseases as pupil, iris, sclera was known as protokollan and old to our ancestors. Ukrainian folklore, especially songs, often portray very vividly the condition of the eye. Eyes, their color, View, vigilance, brilliance of the pupils, or, figuratively, men, are in the national consciousness as sufficiently the specific levers in the characteristics of character, of mind, of view effects on other people, and eloquently reminded of existing and hereditary diseases. Folk healers, monks, nuns, healers, fortune-tellers, witches, wizards — always too closely look to the eyes, particularly the iris, the pupils, their shape changes of the sclera, especially in violation of microcircula vessels, hysteria and other changes that directly lead to the identification of both shared and private ailments of the human body.
There is no doubt that for the understanding of data iridology must have significant clinical and anatomo-physiological knowledge. Given the limited knowledge of anatomy and physiology, the causes of many illnesses in people transformation, recognize people’s iridodiagnostika only as first steps, steps to the industry. But to neglect it is not necessary. Since the face, eyes, voice, General mood of a person can very often add to unlocking the mysteries of disease as experienced by a modern Clinician or diagnosis and traditional doctor, healer, sorceress and the like.
So, the iridology is a branch of medical knowledge is also traditional in the General context of Ukrainian folk medicine.