For centuries our people have strived to find a universal medicine broad-spectrum living water as a preventive and reliable tool for the wakefulness of good health and its restoration. We will not allow the numerous episodes of the tales and legends: what animals or creatures bring the water and how it instantly acts on man. Let’s go calm and reasonable through analysis and synthesis, relying on the shoulders of the cornerstone of folk wisdom and common sense.

So, water. Liquid, chemical formula of which is H20 this. it is necessary to look not in the forgotten well, not rotten, Dragosani, and the source of that constantly rages. Because the movement is forever, that’s life. But this water is not that which interests us. It is, in modern language, only the frame, the fittings, the materials, which still have a long and strained to work. This water still need to be tamed, because she came from the dark innards of the earth, where many evil spirits, deadly to all living things that the body and soul. To expose its characterically, or, in modern, extrasensorial, effects of currents, in order to conduct the blessing of water with the ancient Slavic deity of ORDANA. Op – the God of light, and Dana – the goddess of water. Not good here mixing with the Christian Baptism of Jordan (Jordan), because it is too recently appeared on the historical ways of our ancestors.

Store water better in an oak bucket or a barrel. Another appropriate idea, because tanning substances, when dissolved in water, make its bactericidal, virucidal and even.

Ukrainian artist Porfiry Denisovich Martynovich believed that our nation has its own national “Iliad” and “Odyssey,” and all of its tragic, creative life I had hoped to find and record from the old people the texts of the epics and recipes.”Living” water. Tens and hundreds of sorcerers, witches, wizards, hermits sought her ready-made or created its components in a moonlit night, watch the solar Eclipse on the new moon, in the night of Ivan Kupala, etc. And this water was for centuries on Ukrainian land, not in finished form, and in the individual constituting components. Mytho-poetic consciousness of our people has a deep, structured nature. The DNA matrix it programs svitolina, universe, purpose of man on earth and the purpose of “living” water.

Water should protect the person, his home, animals, fields and gardens from evil spirits. If evil spirits – infectious diseases, this water must be (transferring the concept of modern level) bactericidal and bacteriostatic.

The water should return to the health of a person, taken her by the forces of evil: devils, witches, bad people, bad food, poisons, evil phenomena of nature. Return to health is internal, what eye cannot see, and external, which emerges, in skin diseases, diathesis, neurodermatitis, eczema, herpes and the like.

So, water should be of several forms: for external use and internal use.

For external is lotions for bathing, ablution. For internal use – drops, of liquid, in fact, decoctions and infusions. Consecrated with the order is for a specific and targeted application.

Many internal diseases manifest common characteristics: significant pallor of the skin and mucous membranes, malaise, fatigue, especially in chronic toxic diseases associated with anemia of different nature.

The task of “living” water, and is to return power to man, to restore the natural freshness of the skin, the vigor of body and soul. Here to spring water (as raw material or solvent), which was exposed to the words and currents of the human, was the consecration rituals of the pair of proto-Slavic deity of ORDANA, added our native medicinal plants known by the people from Tripoli and Chernyakhovsky days. If they bring to a composition and organize, it is likely to be the broth of the following composition:


The roots of the wild chicory 200 g

Rose hips cinnamon 100 g

Hawthorn prickly 100 g

Rhizomes of couch grass 100 g

Plantain leaves 100 g

nettle leaves 100 g

The herb motherwort heart 100 g

Grass lungwort drug 100 g

The rhizomes with roots cyanosis blue 100 g

The mixture is pulverized, stirred. To treat take 2 tablespoons, pour a glass of water (200 ml), boil on low heat for 5 minutes. and insist 4:00. Drink 50 ml 3 times a day for half an hour minutes before eating.



This “living” water is indicated for diseases of the stomach (and giacini anatsidnyh gastritis), liver, pancreas. For stimulation of hematopoiesis with anemia, including radionuclide of nature. For skin diseases prepare a font. Take 200-300 g of a mixture of 3 liters of water, boil 5 minutes, Insist 2:00, and add to the font, which is maintained for 15-20 minutes.

And now look at this decoction eyesight of the modern physician. Pharmacologically active substances of medicinal plants contribute to the normalization of the liver, pancreas, blood formation (lungwort, nettle, plantain, rose hips), soothe the nervous system, that is, the soul (chicory, motherwort heart, hawthorn, cyanosis) have a beneficial effect on General metabolism. But if spring water is stored in new oak barrels, it is almost not terrible pathogenic Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, bacteria, dysentery and typhoid.

Still have to stay here for the consideration of the preparation “Essentiale” and “Beresh Drops”, which in its chemical composition, can even remotely, but to remind the living water, which was dreamed by our ancestors. But to obtain these drugs is very difficult, and they are too expensive. Our living water is very timely and can be cooked on each agriculture.

Inulin, pectin, volatile oils, fatty acids, trace elements: iron, molybdenum, zirconium, cobalt, selenium, Tocopherols stimulate the immune system to bind and excrete radionuclides, sent to us (if we follow popular belief) as the most terrible curse of the XX century the worst and the blackest evil of our suffering and destitute Mother Earth.