Remedies of animal origin

Remedies of animal origin
Remedies of animal origin are also widely used in folk medicine, although, of course, is much less than plants. The first place is milk: cow, Mare, sheep, goat, as a rule, with Botanical ingredients, to what we already briefly stayed above. Also used butter, yogurt, whey, sour cream. Milk boiled oats, peas, vetch, beans, and oregano, thyme, hops. The first three plants use inside the next and inside, as antispasmodic, as well as applique and the friction with radiculitis, neuritis, lumbago, sores, etc.
Butter, the fat of the peritoneum, badger and tight fat used for cooking various ointment compositions both for internal use and for external use. Preparing ointments and liniments in this way: take the existing framework of buds of black poplar, aspen, birch, roots with rhizomes of elecampane, Burnet, tormentil, sage leaves medicinal, hawthorn prickly, rose hips cinnamon, marjoram, thyme, mint , lemon balm, lavender, etc. One part of the plant is mixed with 5 parts of the fat, boil for 5-10 minutes, to insist 4:00 hours. For homogenization, add a few tablespoons dissolved in warm water gum (wood glue): cherry, apricot, cherry, plum. Use or as individual drugs or as composition (multicomponent liniments) to treat cracked nipples in patients, at initial mastitis, purulent wounds, eczema, herpes. Conduct grinding and applications with neuritis, radiculitis, scrubbed the joints with arthritis, limited mobility, and the like.
Attaches great importance to traditional medicine organotherapy for which are used the brain, navels, as well as the bile,blood, liver. Some of them steadily held today, namely, the bile and liver. Bile as an external remedy, the liver in the treatment of hypoacid, anatsidnyh gastritis and atrophic, and the like. From other funds remember the use of yolk and albumen and shell of fresh chicken eggs: yolk as a cholagogue, a protein for the treatment of wounds, burns, frostbites. Used in folk medicine well as propolis, pollen, wax, Royal jelly, milk, honey, leeches, bee venom, ants. Tincture of ants, prepared at the rate of 1:10 on vodka. Insist 10 days. Treat this tincture swollen joints, limited mobility of the spine, tendovaginitis, neuritis, radiculitis, gout.
A lot of the use of animal products magical, irrational, but it is the subject of a separate detailed study.
Remedies of mineral origin
Mineral means the Ukrainian folk medicine uses earth, clay, sand, salt, oil, chalk. Uses of the metals copper, iron, gold, tin. Of precious stones (in modern times) — sapphire, Topaz, emerald, amber, jade, carnelian. Chalk and soda taken orally. Other means — the vast majority are used as external. Salt, sand, earth wax, mineral wax, chalk used as funds that accumulate heat. they are placed in a furnace, heated, and then applied to specific areas of the body with neuritis, radiculitis, initiated joint mobility and Salt use inside as food and for centuries it brined in dill, parsley, plantain leaves, peppermint leaves, dandelion, urban avens, leaves and stems of goutweed ordinary, the leaves of the barberry, sorrel, grass capolicy the like. Used for wow and borscht as the greens along with salt. In fact, it was and is the quintessence, which provided and provides vitamins first courses in late autumn, winter and early spring.
The use of certain metals for medicinal purposes is more magical than rational. Rational value according to the ancient people’s observations found copper and silver. The copper plates make for pain syndromes, silver — for the treatment of trophic ulcers of the foot, ankle, thigh, buttocks, waist.
In the expeditions of the author in Rivne, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr and Volyn regions in the late fifties it was recorded from the people’s mouth use more than five dozen common plants there for pitbulpoland. We call some of them: horseradish, onions, radish, nettle, oregano, thyme, mint, calendula, buds and branches of the black poplar, pyramidal, canadian, balsam, aspen, white willow, leaves, oak bark, oak galls, yarrow, St. John’s wort, chamomile, Melissa, tansy, galangal, Burnet, dandelion, cucumber, mallow, plantain, seeds of Echinops, mistletoe leaves, and the like.
The number of components, as a rule, magic (or three, or nine): “three times three times to nine times and it’s all right,” says the proverb. remember a few

Sheets of birch 100 g
Peppermint leaves 100 g
Thyme 100 g
Grass oregano 100 g
The herb lemon balm 100 g
Chamomile flowers 100 g
The infusion.

Here is another this is quite popular among the people of the nine-
the component mixture for the treatment of polyarthritis, ridicule-
tov, osteoarthritis, immobility of joints, muscular dystrophy, eczema,
neglected septic wounds, faces and the like.
The roots of the wild chicory 200 g
Rhizomes of couch grass 100 g
Buds of black poplar 100 g
Grass oregano 100 g
Rose hips cinnamon 100 g
The rhizomes with roots cyanosis blue 100 g
Peppermint herb 100 g
Plantain leaves 100 g
The leaves of mistletoe, 100 g

The mixture is pulverized, stirred. For fonts take 300-400 g per 5 l water, boil for 5-10 minutes, to Insist 4 hours. Add to the bath. The exposition is kept for 10-20 min. Temperature bath of 40-42 ° C. the Procedure is carried out through the day. The first day of use silver plate on separate painful places, the following font. In the course of treatment of 15-20 procedures (in the form of applications and fonts).It is worth Recalling that at the present stage of development of medical science in the treatment trace elements, the individual metals and minerals is gaining increasing importance. Will not leave without attention and magnetic therapy: the use of ferromagnetic disks, magnitofonov, Magnitostroi. An example of the use of a significant amount of minerals in reflecter Pia: malachite, azurite, quartz, tourmaline, hematite, goethite, siderite, magnesite, Brucite the like.
Treatment minerals also goes back centuries. In the written monuments of Ancient Russia, and in later books we find information, red stones — carnelian, hematite, heliotron — stop bleeding cure yellow jaundice. Green has the vision and cure eye diseases.
Thus, the treatment by means of mineral origin (starting with the usual clay and finishing of precious metals and stones) are also very ancient and traditional.
Herbal medicine in General, pitbulpoland in combination with the minerals contain less irrational, superstitious, occult. And in the magic of numbers (see Example above) also there is nothing actually magical. Although do along the way, to admit that the recipes and restored our medicines very often are composed of nine components. But the main thing in them is not a magic number, and those plants which we use for comprehensive treatment of certain diseases.